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Cafe Muse – Board Games Lounge – is a brand new concept we’re rolling into the heart of Chelsea.

We’re blending the very best of traditional and modern board games with high-quality Middle Eastern inspired patisserie.

Our house is your house. We want you to feel at home the moment you step through the doors. Familiar faces to explain the rules of the games to the exotic ingredients sprinkled across our menu.

It’s the perfect spot to sit back, relax and play some board games with your mates or loved ones on those special occasions.

Not forgetting the moreish good handmade pastries and cakes alongside high-quality coffees and teas to keep your energy levels up as you battle your way to victory over a game of Captain Sonar.

Throw the dice and come pay us a visit today.

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Popular Board Games in Cafe Muse London

At Café Muse London you can find both old and modern board games...

What’s Goin’ On at Cafe Muse

At cafe muse we have aimed to try to bring you the most entertainment as possible.
  • FIFA Monday
  • Ladies night Tuesdays
  • Brunch Weekends
  • Date Night Wednesdays
  • Italian Thursdays and Fridays


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The 7 most popular Board Games you can play in Café Muse London

There are a lot of things we can do when we gather around a table with our friends or family: talking, eating, arguing, or playing games. We believe that the last one can make us better people. At Café Muse London you can find both…

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